Best Eco-Friendly Gym Bags That Are Sustainably Made

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly gym bag to use for carrying workout clothes, sustainable towels and your reusable water bottle, then you’re in the right place as we’ve researched the best (whilst stylish) ones to choose from. It must be said, if you already have a gym bag then it’s best to use the one you already own – as we know that using the items we already have is the most sustainable option. 

However, we do appreciate you might need to buy a new bag, so without further ado, take a look through the best eco-friendly bags currently on the market below…

1. Terra Thread: Aarde Eco friendly Gym Bag‘great for daily outings, travelling and more!’

Terra Thread makes backpacks and bags for earth-conscious consumers who are looking to make a positive impact on the world with their purchase – gaining recognition from Forbes, NBC and others for being one of the most sustainable bags on the market. The Aarde Eco Gym Bag is durable and spacious, with a front pocket to keep items safe and comes in six stylish colours.

Terra Thread: Aarde Eco friendly Gym Bag
Terra Thread: Aarde Eco friendly Gym Bag

What is the Terra Thread: Aarde gym bag made from?

Sustainably and ethically made with heavy-duty 14 oz organic cotton canvas, with a long zipper, complete with both inside and outside pockets. It’s also worth noting that Terra Thread products are delivered to you free of plastic and unnecessary packaging, which may lead to natural traces of their package-free journey (like marks and folds).

What are the Terra Thread: Aarde bag specifications?

Dimensions in inches: 11” (Height) x 18” (Width) x 10” (Depth).

How much does the Terra Thread: Aarde bag cost?

It cost $59.95 – but as Terra Thread is based in America and has a sustainable motive, wanting to keep Co2 emissions low, it’s only shippable within the United States of America. If you’re based in USA, you can purchase it here.

2. Bamae: Sustainable Cotton Duffle Bag – ‘simple, spacious and versatile’

Bame is a brand built with a love for fitness, body positivity and sustainability within its foundations, as the name itself stands for: Body & Mind & Earth. The sustainable cotton duffle bag comes in black, red, light grey and navy, designed for all activities from hitting the gym to hiking outdoors.

Bamae: Sustainable Cotton Duffle Bag
Bamae: Sustainable Cotton Duffle Bag

What is the Bamae gym bag made from?

It’s made with premium 100% organic cotton sustainable canvas, including a robe drawcord for knot security and an adjustable shoulder strap for the right fit. 

What are the Bamae bag specifications?

Dimensions in inches: 10” (Height) x 21” (Width) x 10” (Depth).

How much does the Bamae Cotton Duffle Bag cost?

It’s affordably priced at £25 – you can buy it here

3. Atlas & Ortus: Organic Cotton Weekend/Gym Bag – making stylish zero waste lifestyle accessories’

Atlas & Ortus was founded in 2018 by sisters who want to create a more sustainable, conscious and caring culture, putting the needs of future generations first – and one where eco-friendly and ethically sourced products are the norm. The weekend/gym bag encompasses that ethos with its fair trade cotton, vegan friendly design.

Atlas & Ortus: Organic Cotton Weekend/Gym Bag

What is the Atlas & Ortus gym bag made from?

Certified with the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) approval, it’s made from 100% organic and fair trade cotton.They are geographically made in Kolkata, West Bengal, in partnership with Freeset – a company that exists specifically to provide freedom for women vulnerable to India’s sex trade.

What are the Atlas & Ortus bag specifications?

Dimensions in inches: 11.5” (Hight) x 21” (Width).

How much does the Atlas & Ortus bag cost?

It costs £38.00 – and by purchasing one of these bags, you’re helping Freeset provide employment to more than 250 women, enabling them to earn a fair wage and transform their own lives. You can buy one of the Atlas & Ortus bags here.

4. Adidas by Stella McCartney Studio Bag – ‘keeps things organised and accessible’

The world renowned brand Adidas have created a solid drive to reduce waste and use recycled products, creating a circular loop with many of their product ranges. This studio bag is created in partnership with Stella McCartney who is a fashion designer and environmental activist, which is the perfect combo for a fashionable whilst sustainable bag for your workouts.

Adidas by Stella McCartney Studio Bag

What is the Adidas studio gym bag made from?

It’s made from at least 60% of recycled materials, with carry handles, front and side zip pockets, plus an inner zip media pocket with a 100% recycled nylon plain weave.

What are the Adidas studio bag specifications?

Dimensions in inches: 11” (Height) x 24” (Width) x 11” (Depth).

How much does the Adidas by Stella McCartney Studio Bag cost?

It costs £150 and is available to buy here.

5. Patagonia: Black Hole Duffel – ‘100% recycled body fabric, lining and webbing’

Arguably one of the very few globally known brands that’s core ethos is built on sustainability and reducing the impact fashion has on the planet, through activism and social responsibility programmes. The Patagonia duffel bag is hugely popular and often sells out but it comes in four different sizes, from 40L to 100L, making it perfectly versatile and caters for all.

Patagonia: Black Hole Duffel

What is the Patagonia duffel bag made from?

The highly durable and lightweight duffle bag is made with 100% recycled body fabric and lined with 100% recycled polyester with a tough polyurethane coating.

What are the Patagonia bag specifications?

The 40L bag dimensions in inches: 14” (Height) x 21”(Width)  x 11” (Depth).

How much does the Patagonia: Black Hole Duffel bag cost?

For the 40L bag it costs £90.95, and rises depending on the size. You can buy the bag on their site here.

We will continue to update this article when great new eco-friendly gym bags come on the market.

If you have a sustainably made gym bag which we haven’t included, or an environmentally friendly product that you would like us to feature on the site, email us with your details:

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  1. I really appreciate the round-up of sustainable gym bags as it’s not easy to find ones that are suitable. Having bought the Atlas & Ortus bag you suggested I can honestly say, thank you.

    Please keep up the content as I’ll keep checking back in on your site to see what other products you suggest.

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