Are Charity Shops Open On A Sunday? UK Donation Times

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Sunday’s are the day of rest for many people, but charitable retail workers do not always have that privilege. 

There are many different charity shops all over the country (and around the world for that matter) and each of them have their own opening and closing schedules. 

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Whether you’re looking to donate some old clothes, a pair of shoes, used furniture, decorative items, or anything else, it’s a brilliantly eco-friendly way to lengthen the life of everyday goods.

What times are charity shops open on a Sunday?

Based on legislation, specifically the Sunday Trading Act 2004, there are no restrictions on small or local shops (which include charity shops) opening times on a Sunday. 

This means that it truly depends on the individual charity shop in terms of when it deems appropriate to open. 

However, having done extensive research on charity shop opening times on a Sunday across the United Kingdom, by and large most charity shops are indeed open on a Sunday

Charity shop opening times are generally shorter than the average weekday or Saturday opening times. 

On a Sunday most charity shops are open between 10am to 4pm. Some may open or close, a little earlier or later, depending on their staffing arrangements. 

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What are the main charity shops to look out for?

There are many different UK charity shops you can choose to donate loved goods to, giving them a second life – and we have listed eleven of the main ones below;

  • Oxfam – focused on reducing poverty. 
  • British Heart Foundation – research into heart and circulatory diseases and the things that cause them.
  • Cancer Research UK – pioneering research on how to prevent, diagnose and treat cancer.
  • Age UK Charity Shop – dedicated to helping older people living in poverty or just above the poverty line.
  • Traid – turning clothes waste into funds and resources to reduce the environmental and social impacts of clothing. 
  • British Red Cross – a global humanitarian movement which is uniquely placed to respond to local community needs in an emergency.
  • RSPCA Charity Shop – protect animals and work hard to ensure that all animals can live free from pain and suffering.
  • Barnardo’s – helping hundreds of thousands of children, young people, parents and carers across the UK. 
  • Scope – the disability equality charity in England and Wales. 
  • The Salvation Army Charity Shop – a worldwide Christian church, which has been fighting against social inequality and transforming lives for over 150 years.
  • FARA Charity – tackle poverty through education for Romania’s poorest, working to fulfil lives, rebuild futures and spread hope.
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Donate to your local charity shop

We hope you’re able to get to your local charity shop on a Sunday, and fear not, if you have to wait an extra day or two, they will be more than happy to receive your donation on another day. 

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