Eco Friendly Travel Products: from bags to razors

Essential Eco-Friendly Travel Products

If you’re on the hunt for eco-friendly travel products, you’re in the perfect place. Before you start packing, it may be time to look at what you plan to take with you. From everyday essentials to handy accessories, here’s our round-up of the top green travel products out there. 

Top Eco-Friendly Products For Travelling

Ready to get your eco-friendly luggage contents together? Below, you’ll find some fantastic inspiration! 

1. Shampoo and conditioner bars 

Toiletries are a must-have for any trip, but there are ways in which you can ditch the plastic containers. Opt for a shampoo bar over a bottle and reap the eco-friendly (and hair) benefits. 

Ethique sell a wide range of beautifully scented shampoo bars that are easy to use and good for the environment. These particular bars come in a range of different scents and styles so that you can find the right one for your hair type. 

Another bonus is that they last a long while too, so you won’t have to buy any more hair products while on holiday or travelling. 

Eco-friendly benefits: 

●      Very light to pack, which reduces your overall luggage weight 

●      Uses organically sourced natural ingredients

●      Free from plastic and packaging 

●      Cruelty-free product

●      It lasts longer than a typical shampoo

Ethique shampoo

2. Collapsible water bottle

Next on our list, we have a product that you’ll undoubtedly make use of – a collapsible water bottle. It’s all too easy to buy endless bottles of water when on the go, especially if you’re holidaying at a warmer destination. 

Instead, why not buy yourself a collapsible bottle to take with you? These great-value accessories will keep you hydrated on holiday and take up a tiny amount of space in your suitcase or bag, again reducing your luggage weight. 

Switching to a reusable bottle is an easy step to take to living a more eco-friendly lifestyle, and you’ll drink more water, too, which is always a bonus!

Eco-friendly benefits: 

●      Reusable bottles reduce plastic waste

●      Help prevent pollution in our oceans

 ●      It can be used over and over

3. Plastic-free sanitary products

For women, being prepared for that time of the month is vital, even when on holiday. It’s easier than you think to switch your one-use-only products for reusable and plastic-free sanctuary products.

Menstrual cups are fantastic as they are reusable and will help you save money and reduce plastic waste at the same time. If you’re not too eager to try a cup, choose plastic-free sanitary products, and you’ll still be helping the environment in the long-run. 

Eco-friendly benefits: 

●      Menstrual cups provide a zero-waste period 

●      Protects marine life by reducing plastic use

4. Bamboo toothbrush

Did you know that millions of plastic toothbrushes end up being discarded every year? This has a huge impact on the environment, as you can probably imagine. With a bamboo toothbrush, you can take steps to take care of the environment as well as your teeth. 

We recommend bamboo toothbrushes if you’re seeking a plastic-free alternative. Bamboo is super sustainable due to its quick growing crop, which requires no fertiliser at all. Pretty amazing stuff, right? 

This is a great product that certainly deserves a place on this list of eco-friendly travel products. These toothbrushes come with a 100% biodegradable bamboo handle and plastic-free packaging too. 

Eco-friendly benefits: 

●      Bamboo is a highly sustainable crop that does not need to be replanted 

●      Toothbrushes come in plastic-free packaging

●      100% biodegradable toothbrush handle

5. Organic tote bag

If you’re going to be carrying around all of your eco-friendly travel products, you’ll need a bag for them. These organic tote bags are a great sustainable buy and excellent value for money too! Composed of 100% organic cotton, the bags offer both strength and versatility. 

Whether you need a trusty bag for packing shopping into when travelling or you’re looking for a sustainable beach bag, this tote is a perfect choice. The eco-friendly totes can even be personalised if you fancy getting arty and creating your own design to show off. 

Eco-friendly benefits: 

●      A reusable, reliable bag 

●      Made of 100% natural organic cotton 

●      A great alternative to plastic bags

6. Zero waste reusable razor

More and more people are becoming aware of reusable razors and their benefits to the environment. And, you could be the next person to embrace this eco-friendly travel product! 

By switching to this ethically sourced unisex razor, you’ll be helping to reduce plastic waste and will be pleasantly surprised by how great the blades are. 

The quality of reusable razors are exceptional, and they often feature bamboo handles too, which are 100% biodegradable. 

Eco-friendly benefits: 

●      The bamboo handle is 100% biodegradable 

●      Reduces plastic waste 

●      Comes with a sustainable Hessen storage pouch

7. Sustainable hiking bag

What a world we really live in! Our recycling efforts even result in bags made of 100% recycled materials. If you’re planning a camping or outdoors holiday, you’re going to likely need a reliable hiking bag to keep your items dry and protected. 

This recycled hiking bag from Osprey is an excellent choice as it ticks all of the eco-friendly boxes. Composed of bluesign®-approved recycled nylon canvas, the bag is the perfect exemplar of hiking in a sustainable way. 

Outside of its impressive eco-design, this bag also offers fantastic versatility with pockets for just about anything. This bag’s durable build is capable of carrying a range of items and is sure to last far into the future! 

Eco-friendly benefits: 

●      Composed of bluesign®-approved recycled nylon canvas

●      PVC-free exterior

8. Solar Power Bank 

Finally, we have a must-have eco-friendly travel product, a solar power bank. No matter the type of travelling you’re doing, ensuring your devices are charged is important. This solar-powered bank ensures that you can keep everything at full power in a sustainable way. 

This particular solar power bank features a built-in 26800mAh Li-polymer battery which is capable of charging an iPhone up to 7 times! All you need to do is make sure the power bank gets enough sunlight during the day, and you’re good to go. It even comes with a backup battery should the first one not work as it should for guaranteed power. 

Eco-friendly benefits: 

●      Uses solar power as an alternative to electricity 

Final Thoughts on Eco-friendly Travel Products 

Now that you have an idea of the types of eco-friendly travel products out there, all you have to do is choose the ones you’ll need. There are so many sustainable options available, and you won’t have to miss out on the essentials, as shown. So, get a pen and paper and put together a buying list for your eco-friendly travel swaps!

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